#TBCscam!!! In the beginning most of us that have become bitcoins literates couldn't wrap our minds around it

#TBCscam!!! In the beginning most of us that have become bitcoins literates couldn't wrap our minds around it. 9years after it is ridiculous to to be ignorant the most powerful currency in the world. Today, some folks cant see the future of TBC. It is not compulsory to own this first abundance base coin, though now is a good time to own and save some for the future ( preferably $100/> worth that goes with an extra 1TBC gift). TBC community is growing fast [ even faster than the technology] and more people are getting to understand it. It is a revolution of 1billion people with a people driven coin that they agree to exchange . It is designed against poverty, the poorest can receive free $294 on creating a wallet. If you dont agree with it/be patient /support tbc growth , please stay out ! In few years, we will discuss your over-analysis that led to paralysis. You snooze, you lose! Every TBCian should read the 2 last posts from admin on the blog & position yourself for financial freedom. 2018 shall be great! You will never see tbc on coinmarket, Admin made it clear from day 1. Economic laws have not made the world better than making the poor poorer and the rich richer. We dont recruit people, we share tbc opportunity with them and give them free $274 worth to understand tbc growth. You didnt educate them properly likely, those who understand tbc and its mission contribute to community growth. This is the first abundance base cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first market base coin and has made the path easier for any coin that decides to take same path. Early btc holders were patient for it to create market base path, so are we going to be patient and work tbc through successfully. TBC is money itself, and holders spend it as such - even although we expect a bank cash exchange in few weeks, it keeps the original idea of cryptos - peer to peer use. Many coins have landed on coinmarket hastily to prove a point, which doesn't validate their authenticity.